Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR)

ACCESS provide PASRR services to individuals who are seeking placement to a nursing facility or reside in a nursing facility (NF). An individual must have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability, related condition, or a mental illness. Here is how it works. Every individual seeking admission into a Medicaid certified nursing facility, regardless of funding source requires the PL1 Screening form to be eligible for admission to the NF.

Who is responsible for completing the PL1?

The PL1 is always to be completed by the RE (Referring Entity). The RE is the first entity that recommends or refers the individual for NF placement. In most cases the RE will be the hospital. The RE can also be family, law enforcement, a physician’s office, or other community care agency.

Who do I fax the PL1 form to?

  • Expedited Admissions, Exempted Hospital Discharges and negative PL1’s are sent directly to the NF with the individual in the transfer packet.
  • If the individual is Preadmission positive (individual is suspected of having MI, ID, or DD and is not Expedited or Exempted) the RE completes a paper copy of the PL1 form and faxes the form to the LA.

Where can I find a copy of the form?

Go to , select ‘Long Term Care Programs’, and click on ‘PASRR Level I Screening Form’.

Can the NF come to the hospital to do the PL1?

The NF should not complete the PL1 as this is the responsibility of the RE. The NF completing the PL1 creates a conflict of interest for individual choice in residential placement. NF participation in completion of the PL1 at hospitals is a violation of the PASRR processes and may be subject to non-compliance sanctions.

What do we do if a NF won’t take a resident who doesn’t need a PL1?

Complete the PL1 as Texas Administrative Code and federal regulations require RE’s to comply with this process.

After a PL 1 Screening is completed and sent to the Local Authorities a  PASRR Screening and
Evaluation must be completed within 72 hours by a Local Intellectual Developmental Disability Agency staff member. Once the PE is completed and it identifies that a person is positive for PASRR services an individual is assigned a PASRR Service Coordinator or a Qualified Intellectual Developmental Professional Case Manager to assist the individual in developing a person centered Individual Service Plan or Recovery plan based on the individual’s preferences. PASRR also help assist with Diversion Slots for individuals who are receiving PASRR Service Coordination in the nursing facility. Diversion Slots are waiver program slots to aide individuals who are interested in residing in the community on his or her own or with someone. Diversion Slots can be any of the following: Home Based Community Services (HCS), Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF),Texas Home Living (TxHmL); and etc.

If you are interested in hearing more about PASRR services and how ACCESS provide these services to individuals residing or seeking nursing facility placement please contact ACCESS at 903 589 9000 ext 7450.